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Empire II - WordPress Theme - 1
Empire II - WordPress Theme - 2
Empire II - WordPress Theme - 3
Empire II - WordPress Theme - 4
Empire II - WordPress Theme - 5
Empire II - WordPress Theme - 6
Empire II - WordPress Theme - 7

<strong>Version 2.2.5 &#8211; October 28, 2018</strong><pre>

* Fix: widgets’ deprecated error
* Fix: TP shortcodes plugin – added prefix to toggle class name to avoid namespace pollution problems
* Fix: background slider now appears on subpages when AJAX is off
* Fix: replaced all http urls, so now there shouldn’t appear any mixed content issue when accessing via https
* Update: revolution slider

<strong>Version 2.2.4 &#8211; March 28, 2017</strong><pre>

* Update: pageSetup() now fires after window.load in ajax.js
* Update: tpBgSlider() function adds hidden images in <img /> tag forcing the browser to wait for those images to be loaded
* Update: removed old IE warnings
* Update: better asset enqueue
* Update: in ajax.js, if 1 slider image is set and it’s the same as on the clicked page, slider won’t fade out and in
* Update: child theme proper enqueue of resources

<strong>Version 2.2.2 &#8211; January 30, 2017</strong><pre>

* Update: now you can use the theme with HTTPS out of the box
* Fix: background slider stopped on page close

<strong>Version 2.2.1 &#8211; June 22, 2016</strong><pre>

* Fix: sample content importer allow_url_fopen ini check
* Fix: gallery images opened in new window in AJAX On mode

<strong>Version 2.2 &#8211; May 16, 2016</strong>
* Fix: LiteUp
* Fix: changed jQuery code .delegate() to .on() for reliable AJAX page loading
* Fix: toggle shortcode
* Update: AJAX slider now loads images dynamically again instead of loading them all on start
<strong>Version 2.1 &#8211; April 26, 2016</strong>
* Fix: news shortcode thumbnail
* Fix: renamed [icon] shortcode to [icn] so hopefully there won't be any conflict with other plugins' shortcode because of the same name
* Fix: if opening animation runs once per session the slider starts twice
* Fix: in tablet mode (resolution is lower than 1024px width) the slider didn't work
<strong>Version 2.0 &#8211; April 24, 2016 &#8211; Major update, please backup your current theme before update!</strong>
* Update: Better AJAX engine! Removed # character from URL! Facebook now crawls articles properly in AJAX mode! New separate file to load your custom javascripts for AJAX.
* Update: ThemePrince shortcodes
* Update: TGPM plugin activator
* Update: Contact form 7 plugin
* Update: Revslider plugin and documentation
* Update: Thickbox image viewer
* Fix: WP_widget() is deprecated notice problem solved in debug mode
* Fix: responsive mode active menu highlight
* Fix: category page had duplicated or no pagination in some cases
* Fix: in AJAX mode if site is closed on homepage and we navigate back there it will be closed again
* Fix: Google maps shortcode - added default values for zoom and height parameters
* Fix: custom widget area saving bug
<strong>Version 1.5.1 &#8211; March 29, 2015.
* Multiword search fix in AJAX mode
* Empty search result page height fix in ajax off mode

<strong>Version 1.5 &#8211; January 15, 2015.
* Added 1-click demo importer
* Updated documentation

<strong>Version 1.4.5 &#8211; January 12, 2015.
* RevSlider update to 4.6.5
* Portfolio category list duplication fix
* Fixed tabs
* Mp3 player fix (MediaElement.js)
* Request: added target and color to icon shortcode
* FontAwesome is now built in

<strong>Version 1.4 &#8211; September 27, 2014.
* Revolution Slider update
* New mobile layout
* In AJAX OFF mode content didn't appear in mobile mode in some cases
* In some cases the content below menu and icons didn't appear in AJAX OFF mode
* In AJAX ON mode menu didn't appear in some cases on first visit
* Documentation update
* In some cases if page opening speed was above 1s then google maps did not load properly
* In progress: 1-click demo import, new ajax engine to give wider support for external scripts

<strong>Version 1.3 &#8211; May 8, 2014.
* Added WP tagline as meta description in the header
* In some cases a page was appeared for a second on site load
* In a certain resolution (~1024x768) the site appeared bad
* Mp3 player fix, if tp-shortcodes plugin is not activated
* In some cases BG slider didn't create its table on theme activation
* Revolution slider is updated (also its documentation)
* Disabled revslider update activation message in admin to avoid misunderstandings
* Post sharing URL fix /content-single.php/
* Mobile view - contact form cutting off issue fix
* In responsive OFF mode there was a space below the sidebar 
* In admin the background slider now lists all posts 
* Documentation update

<strong>Version 1.2 &#8211; March 5, 2014.
* Background slider fade speed fix (in AJAX mode)
* Portfolio shortcode implode() error fix
* Portfolio: option to open image or view the post
* The post titles became links in full posts page template     
* Masonry blog: title color changes on post hover
* If user clicks on category/tag/archive in masonry blog, posts will be loaded in masonry blog style
* Shortcode generator fixes
* News shortcode: now you can also display post thumb
* Updated documentation
* Revolution Slider has been updated to v4.2.2
* Toggle shortcode: now you can make them open on start

* Video in background slider: unfortunately the tests showed serious performance issues in AJAX mode when videos were loaded. Due to user experience I had to cancel this feature. In non-AJAX mode it worked acceptable, maybe I'll add it to Empire I. later.
* In progress: new better mobile layout and experience

<p><strong>Version 1.1 &#8211; February 6, 2014.
* Navigation ID name fix (if you didn't name your menu to "main" the AJAX page loading didn't work correctly)
* Active menu custom color fix
* Gallery close button fix
* In AJAX mode if a link is placed to a local file (jpg, pdf, etc.) it now opens properly
* Google Map loading issue in AJAX mode
* Empty mobile homepage fix
* Blog page setup fix (Setting - Reading - Posts page setting issue)
* Requested: new pricing table shortcode
* Requested: blog page template showing full posts
* In progress:  video option for background slider (for request), option in portfolio to open image in popup (for request)

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FlyFreelancer – mission is to change how the world works together. FlyFreelancer connects businesses with freelancers offering digital services in 250+ … more flyfreelancer.com
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