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    <h2 id="item-description__leo-rubik-elegant-furniture-e-commerce-prestashop-theme"><strong>Leo Rubik &#8211; Elegant Furniture E-Commerce Prestashop Theme</strong></h2> 
  • Latest Version – January 7th, 2019 Changelog
  • PrestaShop 1.7.x Ready
  • Powerful Leotheme Framework 4.0 with PrestaShop Modules Integrated
    Leo Rubik &#8211; a built-in professional Prestashop Theme for furniture online store. The elegant <strong>Furniture &#38; Interior PrestaShop</strong> Theme is strongly suitable with any E-commerce Store as <strong><em>furniture Store, decor store, interior stores, tools shop, electronics, supermarket or marketplace,</em></strong>... Modern design and highlight products, Leo Rubik will make your online store look more impressive and attractive at viewers first sight.
    <a href="https://demo1.leotheme.com/leo_rubik/" rel="nofollow"><img src="https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/48040999996_06a2dd13d2_o.gif" alt="Elegant Furniture E-Commerce Prestashop Theme" /></a>    

    <h2 id="item-description__xstreet-top-prestashop-theme">What makes Rubik &#8211; Furniture &#38; Interior Prestashop Theme special?</h2>

    <strong>#Fully responsive for any devices</strong>
    The theme is displayed well &#38; smooth appearance on any devices as Macbook, Mobile phone, Laptop, Desktop, etc</p> 
    <p><img src="https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/48041185743_beac8744d6_o.jpg" alt="furniture stores Trending 2019 - Multipurpose beautiful hompages" />

    <strong>#Multiple hompages &#38; Built on Ap Page Builder &#8211; Live Preview Drag and Drop</strong>
    Especially, with Rubik, you will get 05+ ready-to-use homepages &#38; they are easy to edit &#38; create your own website quickly by the support of awesome Ap page Builder &#38; other integrated PrestaShop Modules on Leo Framework (Totally FREE &#8211; Saved to $468)
    <img src="https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/48048347032_3aeb2e8e7e_o.jpg" alt="Rubik - 05+ Stunning Homepage Demos" />

    You can easily create content, layouts for all pages (Homepages, Shop Page, Product Detail ). <strong>Dragging &#38; Dropping Page Builder</strong> completely helps to enrich, edit your website in the highest visual interface faster&#8230; 
    <img src="https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/40719284103_2f4ebaa176_o.gif" alt="Powerful Theme Framework 4.0 for PrestaShop 1.7" />

    In addition, you will be amazed by the enormous collections of templates, blocks, and widgets that you can access.
    <img src="https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/48042506888_9ac9036d36_o.png" alt="support 20+ widget" />

    <strong>#Product Page Designed Impressively</strong>
    With concepts of modern and minimalist style, this WordPress shopping theme mainly focuses on products to make them outstanding in the crowd. Thus, 07+ stunning product page layouts (bottom thumb, left thumb, image show, slider, brand) are provided and optimized to meet your desire.
    <img src="https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/48042541483_f8f445b732_o.png" alt="Product Page Designed Impressively" />
    Moreover, it is available for customization and modification. A lot of options at live theme editors allows changing font, style, color, etc in real-time. An amazing way to save your time effectively
    <img src="https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/48042782887_9a50b04c7f_o.png" alt="drag &#38; drop Ap Products Details Builder" />

    <strong>#Powerful Mega Menu</strong>
    The Megamenu in horizontal and vertical style makes your site a professional look, gives your web visitor a quick view of how your product categories or product detail pages arrange on your site to navigate items easier
    <img src="https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/48047924506_9d5237128a_o.jpg" alt="Powerful Theme Framework 4.0 - Megamenu" />

    <strong>#Ajax cart pro &#38; Feature module</strong>
    It is a powerful module which based on Prestashop standards which includes all necessary features to build a Prestashop site professionally in minutes. The main functions in homepage are Add to cart, Add to Wishlist, Quickview, Add to Compare &#38; Review. Importantly, with the newly-updated features like ajax cart, drop down cart, fly cart, sidebar cart that sums up the best of the market along with many enhancements and customizations will bring the user the smooth experiences.
    <img src="https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/48048244807_3cf416559d_o.jpg" alt="Ajax cart pro &#38; Feature module" />

    <strong>#Look book unique &#8211; Image hotspot function</strong>
    Click to see each item&#8217;s information right on one product image without directing to another page
    <img src="https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/48048324747_676313828f_o.jpg" alt="fully responsive &#38; mobile Optimized" />

    <h3 id="item-description__other-outstanding-features">Other Outstanding Features</h3>
    Last but not least, you will be impressed with 1-click installation when installing Leo Rubik. Rubik offers not only get beautiful homepages but also much more other advanced features for the best customers&#8217; experience like Google Fonts, Blog Layouts, Multiple Languages Support, Translation Ready, Unlimited Colors&#8230; All of them are imported incredibly. Your website can be built the same as demo samples, no code required! Super useful!
    <img src="https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/48048482583_8316091ba2_o.jpg" alt="Powerful more Module feature - leotheme Framework 4.0 for PrestaShop 1.7" />

    <h2 id="item-description__extended-documentation-and-intensive-support-service"><strong>Extended Documentation And Intensive Support Service</strong></h2>
    Worry about difficulties while using Xstreet? We ensure that there is sufficent supply of materials and dedicated support team to provide you the best quality service. We have setup a support forum, ticket system where you can report bugs if any, ask help&#8230;
    <a href="https://www.leotheme.com/support/help-desck/submit-ticket.html" rel="nofollow"> <img src="https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/40921766223_46423a562c_o.jpg" alt="Best support customers" /></a>
    This space is too small for us to show all our awesome features. Please check <a href="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jb6X--d0siA" rel="nofollow">Demo Video</a> to discover and enjoy them! 
    <img src="https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/48048595646_c454ba6ac7_o.jpg" alt="best rate" />

Powerful Features for Leo Frido Fashion Template for PrestaShop 1.7

        <li>04+ Amazing homepages</li>
        <li>Multiple header style</li>
        <li>Easy change color template width via the Live theme editor Module.</li>
        <li>Can add code css, js in backoffice</li>
        <li>This Template compatible with Prestashop 1.7.x</li>
        <li>We translate template to 6 languages.</li>
        <li>Fully compatible IE10+, Firefox 2+, Firefox 3, Flock 0.7+, Netscape, Safari, Opera 9.5, Chrome.</li>
        <li>Page builder Module: drag and drop, short code, landing page creator, custom field for product and category.</li>
        <li>Product list builder in home page and category page.</li>
        <li>Product detail builder and support 7+ product layouts.</li>
            <li>Product image thumbs bottom</li>
            <li>Product image thumbs left</li>
            <li>Product image thumbs right</li>
            <li>Product image no thumbs</li>
            <li>Product image no thumbs center</li>
            <li>Product image no thumbs fullwidth</li>
            <li>Product image gallery</li>
        <li>Live edit theme: change background, text color, header and footer style</li>
        <li>Mega menu module, blog module, responsive slideshow, video slideshow.</li>
        <li>Fly cart, wishlist, add to compare, product tab, ajax search.</li>
        <li>Css3, SVG icons used.</li>
        <li>Product Slider/Grid home page and category page</li>
        <li>Look book module, product gallery module</li>
        <li>Social block: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest.</li>
        <li>Maximum load speed for google speed, SEO Optimization.</li>
        <li>RTL and multiple language support</li>
        <li>This Template is designed for desktop, all tablet and mobile devices</li>
        <li>Colours Themes support (Yellow, Blue, Pink&#8230;) and Multiple header style</li>
        <li>Template support for Jquery Effects, css 3. Multiples modules suffix&#8217;s build-in template for module styling.</li>
        <li>Impressive built-in content style.</li>
        <li>SEO Optization &#38; High Conversion Rate</li>
        <li>Supports multiple layout options, configured within from back-office.</li>        
        <li>Easy to add custom html module, special, new, home feature via Leo Manage Widget Module</li>
        <li>Support for native language file translation.</li>
        <li><a href="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UD8AUSES78w" rel="nofollow">Video Leo Framework</a></li>
        <li><a href="https://www.leotheme.com/guides/prestashop17/leo_rubik/" rel="nofollow">Leo Rubik Prestashop Theme Guide</a></li>

Change log:

Version (January 7th, 2019))
– Change:
Back Office

    Bug fix:
    #16365: Viewed products - the date is showing product id - not a date
    #16265: Fix category checkbox redirect
    #16153: Add missing field type DNI in brand address form
    #16158: Fix filter not being taken into account in grid export
    #16172: Remove constraint on siret in CustomerType
    #16047: Handle multistore customers sharing in customers listing at group level
    #16036: Add redirect routes on security annotation of Category pages
    #15643: Allow CLDR to display deleted/inactive currencies
    #15859: Add clickable row option for grid actions
    #15880: Fix wrong data mapping in export
    #15855: Allow anonymous mode for AdminController
    #15856: Must use min-with instead max-widght for the Profile button
    #15685: Unable to create new supplier when VAT identification number is mandatory
    #15665: Wrong selector expression, unable to move parent category
    #15660: Fix tracking url in Theme and Logo page
    #15658: Use empty legacy action parameter
    #15382: Remove useless and buggy identifier computation

Front Office:

    Bug fix:
    #16423: Use default attribute when no one are passed in front page
    #16274: Fix contact us email display
    #15964: Use product url (including combination) rather than canonical one in the miniatures
    #15963: Add rel="nofollow" to prestashop website link
    #15930: Fix on product-flags class for product cards


    #16203: Update version to
    Bug fix:
    #16500: Incorrect email subject and template variable {shop_name}
    #16335: Update id_order_state at the right place
    #16258: Remove unnecessary require_once config.inc
    #16026: Remove final keyword from Lang entity
    #15917: Define use_debug_toolbar even if it's not set in parameters.php
    #15691: Cart rules mustn't be auto added automatically in some cases
    #15621: Revert "Fix lang table multi-store data issue" 
    #15731: Webservices shouldn't display warning when running with fpm or Nginx
    #15515: SqlTranslator must throw a NotFoundResourceException 


    Bug fix:
    #15847: Npm is not anymore in the nodejs package 
    #15895: Add management of an env var to disable debug toolbar in travis tests
    #15590: Remove selenium tests 

Below is the list of changed files in Prestashop version 1.7.6:

****templates change:

- templatescatalog_partialsminiaturesproduct.tpl
****JS change:

- assetsjstheme.js

And more

Ap Page Builder version 2.2.7 has been release
Ap Booking, Ap Blog, Ap Mega Menu, Ap Feature module, Ap gdpr, Ap Parts Filter, Ap Product Search, Ap Quicklogin, Ap Slideshow updated and compatibility


Version (September 10, 2019)
Module and file change in version 1.7.6 in folder theme

****Modules change:
- modulesps_contactinfops_contactinfo.tpl
- modulesps_shoppingcartmodal.tpl
- modulesps_shoppingcartps_shoppingcart-product-line.tpl
- add new file modulesps_viewedproductviewstemplateshookps_viewedproduct.tpl

****templates change:
- templates_partialsform-errors.tpl
- templates_partialsform-fields.tpl
- templatescatalog_partialsminiaturesproduct.tpl
- templatescatalog_partialscategory-header.tpl
- templatescatalog_partialsfacets.tpl
- templatescatalog_partialsproduct-add-to-cart.tpl
- add new file templatescatalog_partialsproduct-flags.tpl
- templatescatalog_partialsproduct-prices.tpl
- templatescatalog_partialsproducts-top.tpl   
- templatescatalog_partialsproduct-variants.tpl
- templatescatalog_partialsquickview.tpl
- templatescataloglistingproduct-list.tpl
- templatescatalogproduct.tpl
- templatescheckout_partialsstepspersonal-information.tpl
- templatescheckout_partialscart-detailed-product-line.tpl
- templatescheckout_partialscart-detailed-totals.tpl
- templatescheckout_partialscart-summary.tpl
- add new file templatescheckout_partialscart-summary-subtotals.tpl
- templatescheckout_partialscart-summary-totals.tpl
- templatescheckout_partialscart-voucher.tpl
- templatescheckout_partialsorder-confirmation-table.tpl
- templatescheckoutcheckout.tpl

****JS change:
- assetsjstheme.js 

****Css change
add new file

And more

#748 merged Pull Requests (vs 210 in 1.7.3, 260 in 1.7.4 and 448 in 1.7.5)
#7349 files changed (294661 insertions, 107638 deletions)
#4431 commits merged
#249 issues fixed
#108 people contributed, including 60 new contributors!
<strong>New features:</strong>
<em>Front office</em>
#New design for transactional emails (optimized for mobile display), which strengthen the customer relationship and improve the shopping experience.
#Improved display of the price details (product price, shipping, taxes, etc.) at all key stages of the purchasing process to improve customer reassurance and conversions.
#New profile menu with direct access to resources (documentation, training, agencies, help center…).
#Updated version of the Product Comments module, with rich snippets. Available on 1.7.6+ versions.
#Fully refactored faceted search (for sorts and filters) on the categories and listings pages with the addition of a price slider. The new version is available for all 1.7.1+ versions.
#Improved Catalog mode: for showcase websites, you can now choose to display or to hide product prices.
#Improved currency management subsystem. This is the basis to allow more customization in the next versions, adding custom currencies for example.
#Improved SEO for products with combinations.
<em>Back office</em>
#Manage and preview your transactional emails directly from a new back-office page: Email Theme.
#In order to gather all prices in the same place, a “Price (tax incl.)” column has been added to the product listing. In one glance, it is now possible to get both tax included and excluded prices for each product.
#New helper cards have been added on important pages to improve the software onboarding: Categories, Customers, Pages, Employees.
#Dynamic preview of search engine results has been added to more pages: Product page, Categories, CMS.
#The watermark module has been updated to 1.7 - thanks to the community. The module is available in the Module Catalog.
#Improved translation system for multilingual modules.
#The Design section of the back office has been reworked. Now you are able to have an overview of all design features (RTL, logos, favicon and theme) and manage them the way you want.
#Optimized back office administration on mobile devices.
<strong>Major Bug Fixes</strong>
#Checkout used to proceed automatically from carrier selection to payment selection, it was an issue for some carrier modules requiring extra configuration steps in the carrier selection.
#Enhanced security checks for virtual goods. Previously anyone with the correct link (correct &key=… URL parameter) could download a virtual good.
#We fixed a longtime bug that was creating an error in discount calculation when adding a cart rule in a cart containing only virtual product.
#In the meantime, we also fixed a bug on carrier price calculation. Price is now calculated on the real order price and not the one including after a discount is applied
#DNI fields is now forced only for countries which require it
#Fixed the minimum order in the second currency bug - fixed by the community
#Themes are not reset anymore when already active (also prevent hooks to be reset) - fixed in the Autoupgrade module
#And more

border:1px solid red;

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