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<strong>Shiroi Hana</strong> is a WordPress theme build especially for daily or hobby bloggers who love to share their stuff, whether it&#8217;s about life, fashion, travel, or just a simple personal blog. Featuring a clean, elegant and typography focused design, Shiroi Hana is guaranteed to bring a pleasant reading experience to your readers.

Features Breakdown

  • Responsive and Retina Ready
  • WordPress 3.9+ Ready
  • Build on Bootstrap 3
  • SEO plugins Optimized
  • Schema.org integration
  • Super Clean and Efficient Code
  • Full integration with WordPress Customizer
  • Uses GSAP libraries for animations – $150 value
  • Handful of commonly used shortcodes (20+)
  • Advanced Page Builder
  • Translation Ready
  • WPML Compatible
  • Blog Post Formats
  • Three Post Layouts
  • One Click Demo Content Importer

Words from Customers

<img src="http://static.youxithemes.com/presentations/shiroi-hana/review13.png" alt="\" />



<strong>v2.3 &#8211; August 10, 2016</strong>
Updated Base Framework Files
Youxi Shortcode v4.0
Youxi Page Builder v2.5
Replace Google Map shortcode with Leaflet Map
Fixed a bug where the 'Date' post meta below the title does not show up
<strong>v2.2 &#8211; June 05, 2016</strong>
Update: Theme framework base
Update: Youxi Core v1.5
Update: Youxi Widgets v2.0
<strong>v2.1.1 &#8211; January 06, 2016</strong>
NEW: Category/tags description is now displayed on the archive pages
Fix: Comments styling on WordPress 4.4
Update: All Youxi plugins to the latest version
<strong>v2.1 &#8211; October 08, 2015</strong>
NEW: Added comment support on pages
NEW: Image caption is now displayed on the justified gallery
Improvement: Proper h1 heading tag for single post title
Improvement: CSS classname tweaks
Fix: Image size inside posts
Fix: Overflowing ilnine video embeds
<strong>v2.0 &#8211; August 26, 2015</strong>
NEW: Added `none` option to `blog_above_title_meta`
NEW: WPML compatibility
NEW: Typekit fonts support
NEW: Websafe fonts support
NEW: Justified gallery margin, min width and min height can be specified on each post
NEW: Slider gallery now displays the attachments' caption
Update: Bootstrap v3.3.5
Improvement: Discard `blog_date_format` theme option, use WordPress' `date_format`
Improvement: Discard `sticky_footer` theme option, footer is now always sticky using flexbox
Improvement: Discard `favicon` theme option respecting WordPress 4.3 Site Icon feature
Improvement: Remove all image lazy loading feature for a consistent user experience
Improvement: Remove the 4 level depth limit on the primary menu
Improvement: Replace Isotope with Masonry for smaller file size
Improvement: Refactor all PHP functions
Improvement: Refactor all template files
Improvement: Refactor all CSS styles
Improvement: Fully compatible with WordPress 4.3
<strong>v1.8 &#8211; May 11, 2015</strong>
NEW: Theme option to specify blog media position
NEW: Theme option to control featured image visibility
Improvement: Add `shiroi_featured` image size for featured slider
Improvement: Improved schema.org markup
Update: OptionTree v2.5.5
Update: Demo content
<strong>v1.7 &#8211; April 28, 2015</strong>
NEW: Drag and drop sorting and toggling of post footer sections
NEW: Theme option for featured image behavior
NEW: Theme option to determine featured slider posts limit
NEW: `None` option for featured slider meta
Update: Youxi Widgets v1.3
Update: TGMPA v2.4.2
Update: OptionTree v2.5.4
Improvement: Added search form to 404 page template
Improvement: Added more options on custom color schemes
Improvement: Refactor post template inclusion function
Improvement: Add `initial-scale=1` to viewport meta tag to fix mobile issues
Improvement: Remove confusing hide featured image theme option
Improvement: Author box visibility now only depends on theme option
Fix: Logo sizing bug on mobile devices
Fix: Justified gallery bug caused by v1.6
<strong>v1.6 &#8211; April 04, 2015</strong>
Fix: Bug where fonts changes does not affect the read more and post tags
Fix: Sticky footer sometimes overlaps the content area
Fix: Some settings does not update on customizer live preview
Improvement: Ability to choose character set for Google Fonts
Improvement: Customizer controls are now hidden/shown when not used
Improvement: Remove body and headings bold font, load the font weight automatically
Improvement: Back to top button is now visible on mobile
Improvement: Add loading indicator for post media images
Improvement: Minor CSS tweaks
Update: Bootstrap v3.3.4
Update: All Youxi plugins to latest versions
<strong>v1.5 &#8211; March 03, 2015</strong>
NEW: id attribute on sidebar widgets
NEW: Sticky footer
NEW: Options to change color of theme elements
NEW: Masonry layout using isotope
Improvement: Enable shortcodes on posts
Improvement: Remove `strip_tags` from featured slider title
Update: Youxi Widget v1.2.5
Update: Youxi Core v1.4
Update: Bootstrap 3.3.2
<strong>v1.4 &#8211; January 29, 2015</strong>
NEW: Feature to show posts and pages in the featured slider
NEW: Feature to hide featured image on index/single post page
NEW: Feature to choose which metadata to show on featured posts
NEW: Feature to choose the header responsive breakpoint
NEW: 404 page
Improvement: Increase logo maximum width to 1140px
Fix: Bug caused by `overflow: hidden` on some sharing button
<strong>v1.3.1 &#8211; January 21, 2015</strong>
NEW: Favicon support
Fix: Bug in theme updater script
Fix: Social icon font files doesn't work on some servers
Fix: Styling bug on blockquote source link
<strong>v1.3 &#8211; January 12, 2015</strong>
NEW: Background image and color customizer setting
NEW: WordPress 
NEW: Dark color scheme
Improvement: Make sure embedded  shortcode behaves correctly
Improvement: Enable lightbox on all images/links in posts with `mfp-image` class
Improvement: Remove search toggle dependency on Bootstrap dropdown
Improvement: Add `wp_link_pages` to pages
Improvement: Refactor CSS
Improvement: Refactor JS
Improvement: Redefine image sizes
<strong>v1.2.2 &#8211; January 08, 2015</strong>
Improvement: Disable slider text animation on mobile devices
Fix: Customizer crash caused by update 1.2.1
<strong>v1.2.1 &#8211; January 07, 2015</strong>
NEW: Feature to track AddThis sharing data by supplying AddThis profile ID
NEW: Feature to specify an image for featured posts in place of the featured image
NEW: Add Bloglovin icon to the list of supported social icons
Fix: Gap below the site footer caused by AddThis hidden element
<strong>v1.2 &#8211; January 06, 2015</strong>
NEW: Autoplay option for featured slider
NEW: Option to disable slider letter animations
Fix: Related posts bug, change `RAND` to `rand`
Fix: Bug where continue reading link stays when there's no more tag used in the post
Fix: Broken MEJS styles on WP 4.1+
Update: fotorama to 4.6.3
Update: Magnific Popup to v1.0.0
Improvement: Use CSS3 animations instead of GSAP for letter animations
Improvement: Remove TweenLite and TimelineLite, reducing scripts by more than 70kb
<strong>v1.1.1 &#8211; December 16, 2014</strong>
NEW: Open in a new window/tab option for Social Widgets
Improvement: The theme now fully passes microformats/Google Rich Snippets validation
<strong>v1.1 &#8211; December 14, 2014</strong>
NEW: Post Grid Layout
Fix: Bug where some colors doesn't change after accent color customization
<strong>v1.0 &#8211; December 09, 2014</strong>
Initial Release


<p>All images, video and audio used in the preview site of this theme are not included in the download package.</p>
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